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Your audience will laugh, learn and leave inspired with these keynotes!

LEADERSHIP…The Power of Influence -- Yours!

A powerful and inspiring presentation on the meaning of influence in business and in life. LaVonn will help you build on what you already know, challenge you to draw on your power sources and think seriously about what is possible. When the influence engine starts running, leadership is easily spread. Where are your power sources? How are you using them? How could you be using them?

SUCCESS … Give Yourself the Power to Succeed

You were born to succeed. To succeed you must first believe in yourself and then act on it! In this dynamic program, you will examine the blueprint for making things happen; determine the requirements for success; and explore a proven three-step plan to help you realize your dreams.

DYNAMICS OF COMMUNICATION…Flexing to Other People's Style

This fast-moving, fun keynote is filled with take away, apply now information. Increase communication skills at work and at home.


MOTIVATION…Creating Teams with Synergy

Combine energy and create synergy. Get others to follow. LaVonn will show you behind the scenes how to dissect this particular magic and get people doing their personal best. Work from strengths. Assess individual leadership styles. Rate teamwork. Tap into team member differences and understand how others see you. Create unity. Build focus and morale.

Connect between generations.

COMMUNICATION…Dynamics of Communicating

Communicating experts estimate we are 30% effective at communicating. Develop powerful, effective communication skills needed in a fast-paced environment. Build rapport in 3 seconds. Increase listening skills by 50%. Leverage the five modes of communication. Ask better questions.

CONFLICT…Confronting with No Regrets

Research shows managers average one day per week on conflict issues. This drains productivity, time, and energy. In one conflict alone involving a doctor and 2 nurses the cost to the hospital was $60,916.77. Identify your individual conflict management style. Learn strategies to resolve conflict.

CHANGE…Taming Your Jungle

It’s a zoo out there! Escape the jungle. LaVonn will show you three common traps that keep us from recognizing and using change, six survival skills for the future and ways to deal with nonstop change. Learn how to deal with change faster, more effectively and with less stress.

Note: Additional presentation topics include: time management, conflict management, performance appraisal and personal/professional development.

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“The presentation received an overall outstanding A+ evaluation and was described as challenging and motivating!"
Mayo Clinic

“Fantastic! Thanks for a great session."
Clemson University

"Ms. Steiner has a knack for interpreting the needs of the audience and is able to motivate and inspire with her high-energy presentation.”
American Society of Clinical Pathology

"LaVonn Steiner has had tremendous impact with our agents. She is able to convey information thoroughly, yet comprehensively. She has the ability to captivate and motivate her audience."
State Farm Insurance Companies

"Rarely do we as league education directors find people with the ability to completely enthrall conference participants with their presentations. Because of that, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend LaVonn Steiner .”
Credit Union League

“A breath of fresh air.”
Wells Fargo

“Articulate. Perceptive. Energizing. LaVonn Steiner is a leader of leaders. She will bring out the best in you and your organization.”
North Dakota office of Management and Budget

“LaVonn Steiner inspires you just in conversation. The business community needs to hear from her.” 
Williston Radiology Consultants, PC

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