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Client awarded $3 million contract
Manager gets job PLUS  $20,000 salary increase
Client realizes 30 year dream of 4 year degree 
Teacher rocks in interview Manager builds credibility and visibility

Million Dollar Salesman organizes office- gains control
VP gains executive stature



First teleclass series held spring 2008. Over 200 participants from England, Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the US joined in. All you need is a phone.  


  1. 90-180 day coaching programs to people who want to excel.
  2. 30-day Special Projects -- Quick mentoring in targeted areas e.g., negoiating your salary, getting that job (interview skills, resume critique, strength identification), public speaking, etc. 





How to Enroll

The first step is to schedule your FREE consult - 60 minutes. Once we understand your goals and agree to work together, you forward the fee to EXCEL LEADERSHIP. When the fee is received, preplanning materials will be sent and meetings can be booked.Preplanning materials must be completed and returned to EXCEL LEADERSHIP before the first meeting so we hit the ground running.

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"Perfect for today's on-the-move business executive - and those who hope to be”.

"LaVonn works in a manner that is successful and comfortable."

"You're very good at this. I can't believe I feel this different about myself in this short amount of time."

"Life changing!"

"If you're not presently doing this on a large scale, you should be." 

"It is her passion for wanting her clients to experience the very best in life that makes working with LaVonn a unique experience." 

Dear LaVonn, 

You not only changed my work. You changed my life. I want to let you know what our work together has meant.

What I learned

I am approaching my work load differently. I am making a habit of clearing my workspace at the close of each day, as well as holding clutter to a minimum throughout the day. If a project cannot be completed, it goes into a folder and put in a “holding place” which I review each day to make sure it isn’t forgotten. I’m finding that just because I can’t go any further with it today I don’t need to leave it lying out on my desktop. The positive effect of just this one thing has been unbelievable!

I have also sent Action/Work Plan and Gantt chart forms out to 2 of my key accounts, and will be using them to make realistic production projections with them for next year.

What I achieved

I have spent less time in my office at night and on weekends, while getting more done. But more than just saving time and money, I feel like it has saved my life. I spend more time—and better time—with my family. One of my goals for coaching was to learn to better prioritize my time at work, but the biggest bonus was how that same ability applies to life at home!

What I appreciated

What I liked most about our time together was how comfortable you made me feel from the beginning. You started from “where I was”, which I appreciated.

Would you recommend our coaching to your business associates?

I already have, and will continue to do so. Time is precious, and to be able to learn how to better utilize it both professionally and personally is invaluable. When we started I felt like my work controlled me, now I control the work. Regardless of how crazy things get—and they do--I look at it differently. That affects my attitude at work, at home, and everywhere else. I can’t thank you enough, and I’m certain those around me thank you, too!!!

Jonathan Spilde, Marketing Director SIA Marketing
Serving 8000 LTCI Agents in 49 States

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